Changeling: Changelings (Doppelgangers) are very rare, but they can fit in with any society. If you want to play a Changeling, you need to speak to the DM first.

Deva: Deva are not born per se, but appear fully grown knowing how to speak (multiple languages) but do not remember any of their past life. Still, they need to be educated. A Deva might have appeared in a sacred site nearby and been discovered by cenobites from the Abbey, and taken back to study with the other characters.

Dragonborn: One part of Dux Ursinus’ legion was a company of Dragonborn heavy infantry from Kadith. Some of these became landholders especially in the western part of Allyron. There are a few Dragonborn scattered throughout the kingdom, usually in elite military offices.

Drow: The Dark Elves are a very rare sight in any of the civilized lands, since most of them are evil Denizens of the Underdark. However, there is a small colony of the Nightborn living in the Weald, so they are not totally unknown. They are still looked on with intense suspicion by most commonfolk. A Drow PC could be one of these Nightborn come to town.

Dwarf: Dwarves make a sizable minority of the population of Elsbury, particularly in the suburb of Holywell. The dwarven delving of Dwerrowfast in the Argent mountains to the south is a major trading partner with Elsbury.

Eladrin: Eladrin are somewhat uncommon in Allyron, but a few of the manors in the surrounding rural area are owned by Eladrin families. Alternatively, a PC could be a child of emissaries from the Eladrin city of Murias, which appears from the Feywild on moonlit nights on an island not far from the eastern end of the Shining Sea.

Elf: Elves are more numerous than Eladrin in the area, although they might live outside the town itself. The king employs elves as guardsmen, gamekeepers, scouts and foresters.

Genasi: One of the large trading houses in Elsbury is owned by the Genasi family of Elazan, which owns a large compound near the east gate of the city and dock and warehouse in Holywell. They have connections with the Genasi city of Mote Alsedar.

Goliath: Goliaths are rare in Allyron itself, but there are a few clans that live in the Highlands to the south of the the kingdom. Some have moved into town, mostly employed as porters in the docks area or as a town guard. A PC might be a child of one of these persons.

Half-elf: A few half-elf families live in and around Elsbury. They tend to be landowners or expert artisan-craftsmen.

Halfling: Halflings are a river folk and a number of them live along the River Dwimmer in small villages. There are a number of Halfling families also living in and around Elsbury, particularly along the Abbey Foregate.

Half-orc: Half-orcs are either the product of two half-orcs mating, or a human and an orc mating. There are a very few half-orc families that live at the edges of Elsbuury and a half-orc character could be from one of those families. Alternatively, a half-orc could be the child of a human single mother who lives in Elsbury.

Human: Humans are of course the most populous race in Allyron, and can come from any walk of life.

Shifter: Like Goliaths, Shifters tend to stay away from populated areas, but a few families live in the area, mostly employed as trackers and hunters.

Tiefling: Tieflings in the Hundred Kingdoms tend to live a nomadic life, similar to gypsies or Travellers, but instead of entertainers, they tend to be peddlers. The more successful (and older) Tiefling traders though, form their own merchant houses in a town or city, and let their younger relatives drive the wagons. One such patriarch, Damakos Aezar has formed his own trading house in Elsbury with a house and shop on the Foregate. A PC might be an Aezar cousin.



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