The Church of the Holy Luminaris, also called the Luminarian Church is the major and almost exclusive religion in the Hundred Kingdoms.It was established some centures before the Imperial Era, but was slow to spread. It received a major boost when Emperiro Aurelius convertied to Luminarianism. His armies fought with a banner bearing the Luminarian symbol (A white solar cross on a blue background). By the fourth century I.R (Imperial Reckoning), the Church had become the official religion of the Empire of Nerath, and chapels were setablished everywhere that the Empire went.

The Luminarian faith worships the Holy Luminaris, or Holy Light. The Light of Creation from which all things sprang when it spake a single word. Luminarian teaching says that this word is ‘Love’ in every language spoken by creatures of the Light. This Light flows to every corner of the Astral Sea and illuminates all of Life. But there are things from beyond the Gates of the Outer Darness which hunger for the Light, and hate it, wanting only to consume it, spreading corruption wherever they touch.

The Luninarian Church also recognize several powerful Supernal beings called Celestials. They rank above angels in the heirarchy of the Astral sea. Many of them serve the Light and are venerted as Holy patrons of the Church. Churches, chapels and cathedrals are often dedicated to one or more of these Celestials, and there are orders of priesthood which follow each one.

The Church has three levels of ordination: deacons, priests and bishops. The clergy is open to either gender, and all races.

Technically the head of the church is the Archprelate in Ardane, but the Luminarian Church organized on a national level. The bishops of a nation elect from among their number an Archbishop, who is the religious leader of that nation.

The town of Elsbury has a number of churches and chapels within its precinct. Most prominent are Elsbury Cathedral, Elsbrook Abbey and the hospital of the Rose Priory.

Luminarian Celestials

  • Sefiron – Celestial of the East, Lord of Learning (knowledge, skill, civilization)
  • Mithron – Celestial of the South, Lord of the Sun (protection, justice, sun)
  • Alasha – Celestial of the West, Lady of the Rose (life, love, sea)
  • Urion- Celestial of the North, Lord of Mysteries (arcanua, fate, death)
  • Loucion – Celestial of the Storm (storm, war, strength)
  • Elandra – Celestial of the North Star, Lady of the Wayside (freedom, hope, trickery)
  • Luna – Celestial of the Moon (moon, change, love, luck, arcana)
  • Sylvanus – Celestial of the Forest (sun, wilderness, strength)
  • Voltum – Celestial of the Mountain (earth, creation, skill, winter)



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