Arise Champion of the Light

It has been half a millennium since the human empire of Nerath collapsed, leaving chaos and despair in its wake. What was once a mighty empire and the bastion of civilization has fragmented into dozens of petty states, separated by howling wilderness. The area once spanned by the empire of Nerath is now called The Hundred Kingdoms. Towns have begun to prosper and trade routes have opened up between the towns — points of light in an otherwise dark landscape.

Things stir in the darkness though, things with an unspeakable hunger for the light. Whispers are spreading of strange and disturbing happenings at the edges of civilization. Livestock mutilated in bizarre ways, young born with two heads or six limbs, and persons disappearing without a trace. Degenerate, bestial humanoid races cross from the Wild for slaughter and rapine with greater frequency as if something has bestirred them in their lairs. Unsettling signs and portents point to an ancient evil looming unless champions of the Light rise to stop it. Who will come forward?

Enter the Kingdom of Allyron


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