Mine Disturbance

A few days later

Date: Moonday, 1 Winnowing, 1106 I.R.
Time: About an hour past Tierce (around 10 AM)
Location: The Orc’s Head Tavern

“Where are Rolen and Goobs?” Nymmeria asked, taking a quaff of her small beer.

“I think Goobz is on duty in the woods this morning” said Theren. “Or just off being a Goobz, as usual.”

“I believe I saw a very drunk Rolen staggering home with a dragonborn girl last night after the Harvest Festival” responded Japhrimel, “though she was awefully short.”

Bjorkreig grunted, taking a large drink of stout. “She was really ugly.” he said.

Nymmeria frowned at the minotaur but just then one of the Reeve’s men came in and posted a notice on the door.

Mine Dsturbance

By Order of the Reeve of Devynshire
a bounty of 20 silvers per kobold tail
is offered to any party or parties
to clean out the Devyn silver mine of
its vermin infestation.

“Hey, we could do that!” said Nymerria

“It’d be worth some coin” said Theren.

That afternoon they small party set off for the mine, pitching camp a few miles way and waking early to arrive just at dawn. As they approached the mine, they noticed a person, stripped nearly naked with hands and feet tied to a pole behind his back. Near him was a pile of equipment.

“Hmm. We could probably take his stuff and sell it” said Japhrimel.

“It’s a trap.” said Borkrieg.

“Maybe we ought to talk to him first…” said Nymmeria.

“Yeah, he might be valuable to rescue.” said Theren.

As they continued to discuss their options, kobolds popped out from behind several trees and ran to attack them.

“Infidels” said the kobold leader yelled in draconic.



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