The area between the Argent Mountains and the Shining Sea has long been settled by the civilized races for thousands of years. Long before the Empire of Nerath came tothe area it was inhabited by three fractious and often warring human tribes, The Allyrii, the Devyni and the Arvyni. During the time of the Empire of Nerath, this region became the province of Allyria, named after thedominant tribe.

Approximately five hundred years ago, the Empire of Nerath began to collapse and more and more troops were withdrawn from the provinces, recalled to the Island of Silenus itself to protect the core of the Empire. Allyria was left with but a single legion under the dux, the supreme military comander of the provincial forces, Lancellus Ursinus, who should have been in command of five full legions.

As the Empire withdrew, more and more fell creatures of Darkness invaded the area from the east, orcs, goblins, giants, and creatures so terrible as to defy description. The Imperial Governer of Allyria ordered Dux Ursinus and his legion back to Silenus and fled himself, leaving the people of Allyria to the Darkness as it fell over the land.

But, Ursinus was born a man of the Arvyni. Even though he was taken to Nerath at a young age, had risen throught he ranks of the Nerathi Auxilliaries and earned himself a Nerathi Citizenship, his heart was still with the land. He refused the order to recall, and dismissed his men. To a man, they decided to stay with him and defend the land.

Ursinus collected about him a number of allies, twelve doughty warriors and the wizard Timipm. One night, while camping at a holy spring (the whereabouts of which is hotly argued to this day), a shining man appeared to Ursunis and his twelve companions, and asked that they pledge themselves to the Holy Luminaris. That night they became Paladins of the Light and cleansed the land of evil.

The long battle had all but wiped out the Arvyni and the Devyni, and left the Allyrii without a Chieften. Ursinus married the remaining princess of the Allyrii and declared himself Rex Allyrica, Thus becoming the first king of Allyron.

The capitol city of Allyron is Ardon a sprawling walled city on the River Arvyn. There are a number of walled towns in the kingdom, the largest of which is Elsbury on the River Devyn. The rural areas of Allyron are fertile farmland, cultivated under a system of manorialism, most owned by the gentry but about ten percent of it is Crown Lands. The population of Allyron is approximately 150 thousand with 25 thousand in Ardon, roughly 10 thousand in Elsbury, another 30 thousand in various walled towns, and 80 thousand scattered in the surrounding manors and villages.

Important Sites in and Around the Kingdom of Allyron



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