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Aeryth is a custom setting for Dungeons & Dragons 4e based off of the Points of Light setting. It is a world very much like Earth orbiting a star very much like our own sun. It has several continents, most of which are inhabited by sapient races of one sort or another.

The world is ancient and civilization is fleeting. Empires have risen and fallen since the dawn of history when the Giants ruled the first empire. The most recent incarnation of Civilization was the Empire of Nerath, an empire that spanned most of the sub-continent of Adan. Nerath fell half a millennium ago, plunging the region into another Dark Age. The former Empire of Nerath broke down into small city-states, each petty ruler taking royal titles, thus the continent of Adan came to be known as The Hundred Kingdoms.

The adventure begins in the town of Elsbury an important market town under Royal Charter on the River Devyn in the Kingdom of Allyron.

Main Page

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